HOME FOR SALE İN TURKEY, starting from the beginning on, we’ll be at your service and we’ll do our best to make your purchase as easy and hassle free as it can.

     After the legal procedures have been completed, we’ll be ready to provide after sales services.

     All conveyance procedures are carried out legally in the deed office( a government bureau handling the registration of landed property).

    A title deed is given to the new owner of the property. Title deed (name as TAPU in Turkish) is an offical document which shows the owner of a property.

     Step by step purchase procedures;

     Firstly, the buyer gives a power of attorney to the HOME FOR SALE IN TURKEY representatives at a notary and by this document, authorises them to deal with all necessary legal procedures for the purchase and after sales services.

     Generally the following issues are included in this power of attorney: purchasing and registering the property in the name of the buyer, official registration in the municipality department, official registration for providing eletricity, water supply and disposal services, payment of local taxes, receiving completion report for the property and etc… Secondly, the buyer opens a bank account at a local bank. When all these actions have been carried out, generally the buyer and the property owner signes a deed (promise to sell and buy contract) before a notary public.

     If one of the parties is a foreign party, a fully certified translater is required during all these legal procedures and the contract to be signed is translated to the foreign party by this translater.İnfomation about the real estate, the buyer and the seller necessary details about the payment and the time of the conveyance and etc.

     Afterwads, in order to receive military permission,an application is submitted to the Land Registry Office. This process may last few months.

    After receiving this military permission, parties or their legal representatives go in person to the Land Registry Office for carrying out final procedures.

     As mentioned above, in case one party is a foreign party, a fully certified translator is required for this process, too. During all these processes, you’ll be under the guidance of our experienced consultants and our legal lawyers.

     We’ll do our best to make you reach your dream house as soon as possible.

     Fee for certified translators: Approximately 80 Euro in total are paid to translators during legal procedures (at notary public and at the Title Deed Office).

     Fee for registration procedures at the Tittle Deed Office: 25 Euro.

     Conveyance tax :This tax is equal to%3,3 of the real estate’s value stated at the Title Deed Office and is paid at the time of conveyance at one of the State Banks. (Generally this amount is between 500-800 Euro)

     Fee for power of attorney: Approximately 100 Euro.

     Fee for “Promise to buy and sell contract” at Notary Public: It starts from 500 Euro (depends on the value of property-depends on buyers’ request-not obligatary.

     Fee for receiving Completion Report( for recently built properties only)This amount varies depending on the size, site and features of the property and generally it starts from 350 Euro.

     Sale commission to the Real Estate Agent:%3.


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