With its natural and historical beauties and young, dynamic and equipped population, every year, over 30 million people, primarily European, Russian, Arab citizens and other people from all over the world, visit Turkey and this number is increasing with an incredible pace.

     Turkey is between the European and Asian continents and its location on the map is in direction from North to South and from East to West, therefore it serves as a bridge. Within a market to Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa its location is effective and it offers reasonable costs. Despite the Economical Crisis in the World in 2010 which has changed the balance between the countries, Turkey continued to grow, and in the first quarter the growth rate was 12%, second quarter 10,3%, third quarter 5,2% and in the fourth quarter it was 9,2%. Therefore, with a strong economical performance, Turkey has had the fastest growing economy in the Europe, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

     Turkey has become the World’s Attraction Centre in real estate investment over the past few years. Because of its more reasonable costs in casual living and realty investment among the neighbouring countries, foreign people who want to invest for his or her future and to live permanently attract the attention of foreigners on Turkey. In this respect, “HOME FOR SALE IN TURKEY”, has always stood right by its clients, during their investment on an estate, after their settling in Turkey and when they need an adaptation to make them feel they are home.

     With the new act in 2012 about the foreign people who want to invest on real estate, deed purchasing procedures have been simplified and more citizens with more countries including Arab countries, now can purchase realty in Turkey easily and smoothly.

     HOME FOR SALE IN TURKEY is at the service of all the investors all over the world.